Inidel, previously Linc Internet was founded 2006 in Las Vegas, NV. Initially providing niche services for specialized industries, Inidel catered to a limited clientele but as demand in business grew by way of client referrals, Inidel expanded operations to cover all related and additional specialized services including most recently social media management and partnership with Core3k for complex programming, security and technical operations.

In 2016 Inidel relocated operations to Reno, NV with team members currently residing also in Las Vegas, NV and Seattle WA. Inidel has plans for local business operation and continued expansion in the Reno area.



Inidel has been in business for over 11 years providing websites and online marketing solutions to clients all across the United States. With attention to detail we ensure that all projects are designed to the latest coding standards and modern design specifications.


Inidel has an exceptionally high client retention rate.

We are a results driven agency whose success is predicated on providing our clients value.

We do not hold clients to any unnecessary contractual obligations and all ROI based marketing services are offered on a month to month basis.


We hate crooked stickers.

We also hate websites that don’t respond correctly to browser environments, sloppy coding and all the other technical nuances that while often inconsequential on the end user, represent perfection to those of us who hold our work to a higher standard.

While we are not perfect, and while perfection may not always be in budget, we always do our best to ensure a sound balance between quality and value.


We leverage technology to save our client’s money.

Inidel is based in Reno, NV with a team operates out of series of physical and virtual office locations in 3 states. We use various web based communication and collaborative work technology to accommodate workflow. Savings from minimizing overhead are passed on to clients.

Corner offices with city views are nice, but they aren’t a component of better service.

Consequently we apply the same philosophy to our work. We retain clients by performance and not fluff. We minimize post acquisition sales efforts and instead focus our time on providing value. While we gladly accommodate any client requests on reporting and communication, we prefer to let campaign performance do the talking.


Internet marketing providers operate on all levels of competency, with different service offerings and quality standards. But if you feel that a comparable provider can offer higher value than what is outlined in our service proposals, please give us the opportunity to review that offer and match that competitor’s rate on any like service.