Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Inidel provides managed website hosting services including the setup, migration, maintenance, updates, security, monitoring and backups. Plans are tailed by application and can be incorporated into marketing and reputation management services.

WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web is an expert provider of high end hosting solutions. They offer 24×7 support, zero-time update automation, excellent transfer rates and various image compression and code optimization software to improve speed and minimize load times. Managed WordPress hosting also includes a full array of development and staging tools for testing and site updates.

In conjunction with Liquid Web service offering … Inidel takes responsibility for all manual process including our own array of security and management protocols, software integrity checks, plugin updates and compatibility testing in a staging environment.

By providing all front-line hosting support, clients are able to stay hands off and focus on business operations.


Along with website management obligations, Inidel offers additional support for various e-commerce platforms including assistance with product import / export functionality and batch inventory processing.

Management packages are tailed by application depending on product counts and needs of the individual client.


Inidel’s Managed Web Hosting services are provided in partnership with Core3K who also offers full time, managed system administration services for clients with high volume and specific network demands.

Why Managed Hosting

Mitigate Risk: Website security is a major concern as targeting becomes more sophisticated and is often performed in an automated capacity. The majority of website hacks are the byproduct of coding vulnerability’s from outdated and unmaintained plugins. By ensuring not only that all software remains up to date, which often requires testing and updating in a manual capacity we can minimize the risk of exploits and keep website functioning properly.

Minimize Downtime: Software problems can occur at any time and for various reasons. Preventive maintenance can not only reduce risk of downtime but having a proactive team who is familiar with your sites platform vs the utilization of 3rd party or contracted support expedites the restoration and repair process.

Software update management & Testing: In most cases software and plugin updates can be performed in an automated capacity. More sophisticated hosting providers including Liquid Web even offer isolated environments to test for issues prior to implementing them on a live website. Occasionally however plugin updates will fail due to compatibility or other software related issues. As part of our management services we monitor this on a daily basis and manually test and perform updates as necessary, providing solutions in the event of incompatibility.

Compliance: Companies that manage or collect sensitive or regulated information are often subject to compliance requirements that have to be tested and met on an onoing basis. This applies to not only specific industries, but companies that collect payment and customer sales information.

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